Lucerne (CH)

Hi guys! I finally started exploring Switzerland, where I’ll stay for the next 2 months: get ready for cute pics and snowy views.

I went to Lucerne on Thursday and it’s sooo nice! I must say I wasn’t expecting it to be so good so I was very surprised. The thing I loved the most about it is that there are nice views in literally every corner of the city, whether it is because of the lake or because of the colourful buildings.

There are so many bridges and one of them, Kapellbrücke (literally The Chapel Bridge), is the symbol of Lucerne.

You can find the pics at the end of the post 👇.

We were lucky and found good weather and we could go around with short sleeves or a light jacket. But the most memorable thing of Lucerne was the market! I usually think that markets are more or less the same in evry city, unless it’s something like the Great Market Hall in Budapest (see post😁) or Camden Market in London. But the Fall Market in Lucerne was somehow extraordinary. There were every sort of stall (trust me, every sort of stall) plus rides for kids and a little luna park as well.

Have a look at the photos I took and let me know if you’d like to visit this place. See you in my next post!


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